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Family Bundle Information

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on AKKO

What are the deductibles?

For all electronics, there is a $75 deductible for any claim, no matter the type of damages or breakdown and what type of item is affected

What types of damages are covered?

The Family Bundle will cover your equipment from accidental damages like drops, cracked screens, or liquid spills. This coverage applies to any device no matter how old it is and whether it was purchased new or refurbished/used. As long as the items are undamaged and fully functional when you enroll in your plan, they are fully covered! Plans also include protection for parts and battery failures.

This coverage applies to any electronics that were purchased less than 36 months ago and which were purchased originally in “brand new” condition. Used or refurbished items you purchased cannot be covered for parts or battery failures.

Follow the steps below to file a claim:

  1. Login to your account on our partner AKKO’s website by visiting:
  2. Use your cell phone number registered to your plan to login to your account.
  3. Click “Items” and on the Items page, add the item that was affected.
  4. Go to the Claims page by clicking “Claims”
  5. Click “File a New Claim” to file a claim on the affected item.

The team at AKKO will then reach out to you via email to help you with your repair/replacement.

*What are the coverage limits?

  • There is a $1,500 per claim limit and a $3,000 per 12 months aggregate limit of coverage.
  • You may file unlimited claims up to these limits.