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How can I upgrade the coverage of my AKKO Plan?

To upgrade your coverage, just email us at [email protected] for help with changing your coverage plan. We’ll update your plan and confirm the changes with the insurance company so that your plan can have a higher coverage limit to accommodate your more expensive items, or a higher per incident limit for your stuff. For Student […]

How can I change or update the credit card for billing on my AKKO Plan?

We have a few options to update your Credit Card on your account. The first and easiest is to log into your AKKO account and do it from there! You can click ‘Account’, scroll down to ‘Billing’ and update it directly on our site. Login here: If you have any past due bills, a […]

How do I cancel my AKKO Plan?

From the “support” section in the app, you can choose the link to “cancel my plan” or email us at [email protected] Your plan can either continue until the end of your billing cycle, or be terminated immediately and then you will receive an appropriate pro-rated refund of any balance you’ve already paid. If you cancel […]