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Can I get phone insurance or a protection plan on a financed phone?

Yes! You may cover any phone which is yours and in your possession. You do not need to have your phone paid-in-full. Many of our customers have phones paid for on installment plans through their cellular carriers or other retailers. When you register, the same process applies for adding your phone to your account. For […]

Can I get insurance or a protection plan for a used phone?

YES! The age or place you purchased your items does not matter. As long as an item is eligible for protection, regardless of its age or if you purchased it used from a store or individual, you can add it to your plan and have it protected through AKKO against accidental damages and theft. See […]

When does my coverage take effect?

Your protection begins at 12:01 a.m. Standard Time at the location of your property the day after your account is created and payment is current and activation is completed. There is a waiting period of 30 days before any coverage under your membership plan begins (including protection against accidental damages, device malfunctions/failures, theft, or lost […]

How can I upgrade the coverage of my AKKO Plan?

To upgrade your coverage, just email us at [email protected] for help with changing your coverage plan. We’ll update your plan and confirm the changes with the insurance company so that your plan can have a higher coverage limit to accommodate your more expensive items, or a higher per incident limit for your stuff. For Student […]

Does an AKKO Plan protect my phone and other items when I travel or study abroad?

YES! As long as you’re a U.S. or Canadian resident with our protection, your items are fully protected when you travel or are living/staying abroad. ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! The same procedures apply for filing claims if any of your items are affected by accidental damage or theft while you are abroad. Check our article […]

Is AKKO Property Coverage a legitimate company?

AKKO is a startup! But we are indeed a legitimate and insured U.S. corporation with backing from an “A” Rated insurer. AKKO was founded in 2018 initially approved for covering college students only with our unique protection plan that protects all of your eligible personal items for only one simple and affordable monthly fee. After […]

Why is an AKKO Plan such a great deal?

The short answer: because AKKO is using technology to make facilitating and managing protection for your stuff more efficient and less costly. Typical insurers charge really high fees on the insurance and protection plans you buy because of the work involved in processing policies and claims. At AKKO, we’re changing that – enabling our customers to […]

Why is an AKKO Plan better than renters’ or homeowners’ insurance?

Renter’s insurance (from Lemonade, Jetty, or other established insurance providers) typically covers losses to your property from damage or theft ONLY when you’re at home and DOES NOT cover Accidental Damage like a dropped phone or spilling coffee on your laptop. Accidental Damage like Cracked Screens, Spills, and Drops are more than 12x as likely […]

Does my AKKO Plan cover lost items and lost phones?

If you lose one of your belongings, you’ll need to evaluate the situation to determine whether it qualifies as theft or what’s called “mysterious disappearance” (i.e., you simply misplaced your belonging and have no idea where it went, or it is unrecoverable such as falling into a lake). Use tools like Find My iPhone or […]