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What makes someone eligible for a “Student” AKKO Plan?

To sign-up for an AKKO Student Plan, a customer can be any type of student, from elementary school to high school, including incoming college students, and current college students. Students at any 2yr, 4yr, or graduate school are all eligible as well. Any age. As a partner, you’re not obligated to verify any customer’s status […]

What are the deductibles?

The deductibles for phones on our phone-only protection plans or our “Everything Protected” AKKO Plan ranges from $29 – $99 per claim based on the phone’s model. $99 is also the max deductible even for Theft or total replacement claims! (less than half the cost of most other protection providers.) Click here to view the […]

How does AKKO’s claims process work for partners?

This is an overview of AKKO’s claims process when you are providing repairs as an authorized repair partner. If you are not yet an authorized repair partner, be sure to schedule your call to get approved here. (View this article in a new window full screen) IMPORTANT: Before getting started with processing a customer’s claim, […]

How can I become an AKKO Authorized Repair Partner?

If you’re a shop that provides repairs and are not yet an approved AKKO Repair Partner, follow the steps below: 1- Register on our AKKO Partner Platform 2- Click here to schedule a call with our Repair Partner Coordinator to get approved. (you must be registered on the AKKO Partner Platform first) Once a partner […]

Will AKKO send me repair claims?

Once a partner has been approved to be an AKKO Repair Partner, any claims filed by users that the partner helped register get referred back to the partner. In addition to customers a partner helps register getting referred back to them for claims, we will also refer our own customers that have signed up with […]

When does AKKO send payouts for all plans I’ve helped sell?

All referral fee compensations are paid out on the 15th of every month for all sales made the month before the prior month. For example, on March 15th, all plans sold by a partner in January (Jan. 1 – Jan 31) are eligible for payout so long as all users registered by the partner in […]

How much do I get paid for helping a customer enroll with AKKO?

Our partners receive $25 per user for each AKKO Plan they sell and $20 per user for each Phone-only plan. This referral fee compensation is subject to change. It may increase during promotions, as a reward for achieving certain bonuses, or for demonstrating high volume.